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4 Hours In Joshua Tree

I'm a huge national park fan. If there is one within a few hours of where I am, I make note and try my best to make it and explore. I was visiting some friends in LA one summer, and we all had work obligations the next morning, but I somehow convinced them to head to Joshua Tree just for one afternoon with me.

Taking a break to connect with nature becomes a rejuvenating experience, especially spent with friends. The sun painted the desert sky with hues of pink and gold as we entered the park, setting the stage for a day of exploration and wonder. It was some of our first times in the park, so once we got there we just spent some time driving through the park and looking at the map to figure out what hikes we had time for.

We hiked around the cactus garden for some time, but wanted to see some more attractions so headed to Skull Rock. We got to climb on some of the rocks and sat atop them, basking in the sun. As the day progressed, we found ourselves at the iconic Keys View, a panoramic overlook that offered sweeping views of the Coachella Valley, the Salton Sea, and the San Andreas Fault. The vastness of the desert below and the distant mountains painted a surreal picture. We watched the sun go down behind the rolling hills and knew it was a day well spent.

I'd love to shoot an elopement in the park and spend some more time in this magical place. Reach out if you're visiting and want to explore!


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